O'Christmas Tree, O'Christmas Tree...

We still don't have our Christmas tree up at home, so I'm still wishfully searching the internet and looking at hundreds and hundreds of Christmas trees! So here's some of the best themes and colour schemes I've come across. I've included some of my favourite decorations you can buy to fit with each of these and where you can buy them, but I haven't included hyperlinks as most of them are in the sale online and the christmas items are already disappearing off the websites in front of my eyes!

First up is a traditional 'Red & White' colour scheme, with a hint of grey. We are very against the traditional red/green/gold scheme in my house, so last year when we wanted to go a bit more traditional we went for red and white and then added in a hint of light blue and also kraft/neutral browns which gave the tree a very 'handmade' and personal appearance! Red & white is a fairly easy combination to go for as the majority of typical Christmas 'motifs' are those colours: candy canes, stockings, father christmas etc... so there's a lot of possibilities! 

Tree Decorations
1. Sass & Belle, £1.95. -- 2. Wilkinsons, 50p. -- 3. John Lewis, £4.50.
4. John Lewis, £1. -- 5. John Lewis, £1.25. -- 6. Sass & Belle, £1.75 for 2.
 7. Wilkinsons, 75p. -- 8. John Lewis, £1. -- 9. Tiger, £1 for 3.
10. Sass&Belle, £2.95. -- 11. John Lewis, £1.25 for 4. -- 12. £2.45 for a DIY kit.
 13. Sass&Belle, £1.45. -- 14. John Lewis, £4.50 for 28. 
15. Sass&Belle, £2.45 for 2. -- 16. Sass&Belle £1.95
Multipack Baubles: Left to right, Argos £7.99 (down from £15.99) for 75 pieces, Asda £2 for 26 pieces, Wilkos £4 for 50, Asda £2 for 26 again and Argos £7.99 for 75 again!
Garlands- all from Sass & Belle, "Merry Christmas" bunting £2.95 (was £6.95), Floral Garland £6.95 (was £9.95), Owl Bunting £10.75.

Staying within the red-ish colour scheme, when I've been trawling through the internet I've come across literally LOADS of London themed tree decorations, and as this blog has had lots of London posts and the fact I recently moved there (am already getting withdrawal symptoms being back home) I thought they would be appropriate to share some of them here!

First up, John Lewis has a massive selection of London decorations, this is only the tiniest selection of them to show the variety they are selling. They range from wooden to felt to glass and obviously the price tags reflect that, with these ones ranging between £4.95 and £30 each.
These ridiculously cute characters came from the website www.christmascompany.co.uk and were priced at £7.95 to £8.95 each, which would obviously add up pretty quickly if you wanted to do your whole tree in them... but they are absolutely adorable!!!
These three extras are all worth a mention too, the first an amazing felt bus with applique/embroidery imagery on top of little beats dressed in stereotypical British clothing and waving little Union Jack flags! £4 from Accessorize.
Below that is a set of miniature London landmarks, slightly cheaper than the John Lewis ones but still expensive, from Bombki at Not On The High Street £49 for the set.
And finally, a veryyyyyy expensive, single, hand-painted London bauble, £35 from John Lewis. 

Finallllllyyyy, a 'woodland' theme. Wilkinsons had literally hundreds of woodland themed Christmas decorations this year, which were adorable. They've taken them all down from their website now, but I think that there might still be some reduced ones left in their shops. Anyway, there's lots of other places that sell them or to give even more of a rustic feel you could make your own.  I don't have any images of this, but I think it would look lovely if you added hessian material around the tree and/or added gingham bows to the branches of the tree.
First up are some possibilities of lighting within the woodland theme, all from Sainsburys- the fir cones are a chain of fairy lights which you could wrap around the tree or hang elsewhere (fireplace maybe? so long as its not in use!!)  and the two sets of twigs could be placed in vases. They all cost £15 each. 
I think that these would be the best option for baubles, a mixture of coffee/cappucino tones through to beiges and creams and a hint of burgundy. This particular pack is from Sainsburys and is currently in the sale for £2.50, but they have similar packs most places!
Hedgehog - Not On The High Street (The Contemporary Home) - £6, Felt Owl - Wilkos, Fox - Paperchase £5.50, Glass Owls- Paperchase £6, Leaf - Sainsburys £1.50, Fir Cone - Sainsburys £1.50, Hedgehog - Accessorize, £4, Leaf - Sainsburys £1.50, Squirrell - Not On The High Street (The Contemporary Home) - £6, Woodland Animals - Wilkinsons £3, Owls - Sass & Belle - £2.95 for 2, Deer -m&s £1.50, Robin - ? , Deer - Sass & Belle £1.95, Bear - John Lewis £4.50, Robin - The Christmas Company. 
Still within the woodland theme, an alternative to the green christmas tree! I absolutley love this, I think the natural tones of it would sit very well in the majority of rooms in our house at least, which are made up of magnolia/cream/brown colours! 
Another thing which seemed to be big on Pinterest this year was drawing/sticking the Christmas tree onto the wall - definately a way to save space!! I particularly love the chalk board ones, but the wooden ones work really well too. You could still add the fairy lights for sure and even hanging decorations and baubles off the wall would be a possibilty! It's the future if you live in a small space I think!

Naomi x

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