I've decided it's time to start blogging again! I'm coming to the end of my first semester studying illustration/visual communication at uni and I have been ridiculously uninspired this term. Not to mention how much I hate the work I've done! I've figured its down to a number of things- homesickness, not having my familiar workspace, disliking the themes, not being used to 'looking after myself' AND the massive distraction that is London on my doorstep.  I've never ever had a problem with motivation before, in fact in the past I've been so dedicated that I've overworked myself...so I really just need to get a bit of a balance going on! To combat the uninspiredness (and because I recently read an article saying blogging is essential in the illustration/design industry!) I've decided to start writing here... which means taking lots more photos, sharing my favourite artists, showing stuff I've found online, street art, exhibitions, looking for colour schemes, found patterns/typography, wishlists, clothes, London adventures...and maybe some of my own work! :) 

I was going to wait until new years  and next semester- but new years blogging resolutions NEVER work out. Plus Christmas is the most inspiring time of the year! But barewith, barewith..as the next couple of weeks are deadline craaazy, so there may not be anything up for a fair while. 
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