Fourteen Hopes for 2014

As I sort of explained the other day, I sort of don't do 'resolutions' as things happen out of my control which stop me sticking to them, then I always get really upset and angry with myself, so instead, every year I make a list of whatever number year it is of things I hope to happen/do by the end :) I'm usually quite good at completing them, I found 2013's the other day and had done eleven of them!
  1. Enter more art competitions or even just do the briefs for fun! Need as much practice as I can get and I've had a bit of a winning streak in 2012/13 (won/shortlisted for 5 competitions & £450!) as far as art is concerned!!! 
  2. Take more advantage of London never stop exploring and being curious...even if I went out every day of the 3 years of uni I wouldn't get to see everything... alsoooo I need to make more use of being SO close to so many free art galleries/museums!
  3. See Ana, Josie, Silvia, Toby and Rosie moreeee permanently missing them. Permanently miss Amy-Lee today, can't wait til she's back from South Africa in August- prepare for the biggest hug in the world girrrrrl.
  4. Start a website/facebook page/something for my illustration/design work I'm not confident in it enough yet, but hopefully by the end of the year!
  5. Get some sort of design work experience I still have no idea what I want to do when I leave uni, so I'd like to get some experience in different areas to see what I enjoy most :)
  6. Get a job. Been searching for a part time job for in London, so far no luck (nobody wants a 19 year old with no experience and a massive list of 'are there any health conditions we should be aware of?'s but even if I can't get a part time job in London, then a summer job in Cambridge would be goooood :)
  7. Start enjoying my course more and get back to my own style of working :) Last term was a bit of a disaster, I was really homesick which was impacting my work, but also I was working to how I thought they wanted me to work and it just did not flow. Usually I do detailed, extensive sketchbook work which I just completely missed out last term because they wanted a blog/observational drawing. And for the most part I was working totally out of my 'style'. 
  8. Go to places in Europe due to money, the plural of place is unlikely to happen, but even if its just Barcelona then I'd be over the moon! I'd also like to go back to Amsterdam, Disneyland and Italy... oh and ALWAYS up for a Frigiliana holiday!
  9. Take more film photographs :) it's an expensive hobby, but getting back a pack of photos is my favourite thing in the world. Also I have like 6 or 7 film cameras and they've all been neglected recently.
  10. FINALLY buy my macbook I've been saving religiously since year 12, if my calcuations are correct I should be able to afford one in Spring/Summer this year! Thank you very generous Student Loan! I get like well over £1000 in the summer term and it's less than a month long...
  11. Eat more fruit. I'm pretty good at this one already, but I'm also excellent at eating chocolate, so going to do a bit of a trade and swap in more chocolate for fruit. I desperately need the vitamins and I actually love the taste! Juice would be just as good! Holly, it is your responsibilty to ensure I buy plenty of juice in Asda, okay!? ;)
  12. Move more. I mean like, go for walks around Northwick Park, go swimming, take the stairs instead of the lift, walk instead of the tube, explore, maybe join Harrow trampolining club? or a sports society...I just need to keep up a certain level of exercise to build stamina, make sure my muscles don't waste away/don't relapse etc.
  13. See more of England! Last year was wonderful because I had uni open days/interviews and I saw lots of wonderful places. We live in a beautiful country, but just because the weather's crappy whenever I go away I want to go abroad :') Day trips to places like Bristol, Bath, Brighton etccc and stays in Lincoln, York, Manchester etcccc. Oh and more of Wales too, haven't been in SO long, but I love it.
  14. More nights out not just clubbing (although that too...), but night time walks, concerts, theatreee...basically a better way to put it would be 'less nights in'

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