Five Things Friday :)

I think I'm going to struggle to think of 5 things for this week as I have spent most of it lounging round the house and being ill, but here goes!
  1. I'm homeeee for Christmas yay! My wonderful mum came to rescue me to help carry my bags last week and we went into the local town to shop and then went in the UK's only dunkin' donuts on its first day of launching! Even though I can't eat doughnuts I'm proud to say I was there ;D
  2. Finished my Christmas shopping! Such a relief, although I'm still waiting for the deliveries of the last bits and bobs to arrive which is a tad stressful! Got a missed delivery card to go and pick up two things later on today, so hopefully everything will be here and wrapped sooooon :)
  3. Finished two out of three of my modules work for this semester! Only an essay stands between me and deadline day, I'm really scared I won't have it done in time for Christmas, really disappointed in myself as I originally set all my deadlines for 13th December in my head, but that failed, so I set it for today and theres no chance of that either... :(
  4. Saw the coca-cola truck! Enough said!
  5. Eaten sooooo much chocolate! Feel soooo guilty, but so satisfied!

The last one wasn't really a thing, but I'd run out of things and it's truuuue ;) Anyway I've really got to go and get on with my essay and watching Elf! 

Naomi x

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