Five Things Friday :)

I've decided as a nice weekly summary to post five bullet points each Friday of things I've done, learnt or achieved that week (Saturday-Friday).

  1. Finished the first term at uni :) The semester doesn't end until the start of January, so still got lots of work to do.. but I'm going home for Christmas yaaaay :)
  2. Went to see Top Of The Pops being filmed, feels like forever ago now...but that happened last Saturday, you'll see me and Holly awkwardly swaying at Ellie Goulding's feet on Christmas day and gazing up at Fearne and Reggie on New Years Day! We also got to see London Grammar (who I love!) and Tom O'Dell
  3. Ate actual chicken in Nandos for the first time ever, Nandos has always been one of my favourite places to eat out, but I don't actually like/eat chicken usually...however when our local one had an offer of a free half a chicken I couldn't resist... no student turns down £7 worth of free food. I disguised the taste in copious amounts of the hottest sauce and dipped it in ratatouille, not baaad ;)
  4. Saw my big brother! Since I've been living in London, I've only been like half an hour's tube journey away from him and this was the first time I've met up with him! He's planning to move soon, so glad I got the oppurtunity to see him whilst he lived so close!
  5. Went to the cinema in Leicester Square, considering its where all the massive UK film premieres take place and things, I'm proud to be able to say I've seen a film there to be honest!
Oh and I went back to Winter Wonderland after dark today, it was a million times better in the evening than when I went in a morning! The atmosphere was just incredible and so soo magical! Put me right back in a festive mood! I was desperate to go on some of the fairground rides, but they were shockingly expensive at like £5-7 each!!!

That's all for today :) I might not post anything tomorrow as it will just be a day of trying to wrestle all this stuff on the tube and train and then getting home and hugging my family forever and ever. But I've got a post scheduled to pop up on Sunday morning! 

Naomi x

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