End of First Uni Term: Disappointed in Myself

Tomorrow is the end of my first term at uni, so I thought it would be an appropriate time to post a few pieces of work, right now is actually our end of term exhibition, but I'm curled up in a ball of poorlyness in my room instead! I've not really enjoyed the projects this term and I think that is definately reflected in the poor quality of the work (which looks even worse below due to being taken on my phone camera!) I've just felt so uninspired and unmotivated and I'm genuinely really really disappointed in myself, I don't feel that I've done anything at all that I even slightly like, let alone am proud of, its like i've reverted back to gcse level :( So any constructive criticism is very welcome please!

Context: we've had 3 practical projects so far- 2 from our observational drawing module (hidden london & politics of identity) and then one from our module in media experimentation (surface design). We also have a theory module, which I am having way too much fun writing an essay for right now!

Studio Space ^
Illustrated Map of East London 
Sketchbook pages from 'Hidden London' Project
Chinatown (watercolour and pen)
Aldgate East
East End Typography-digital
East End Typography - digitally adjusted layered screenprint
East End Typography - original layered screenprint
East End Typography - screenprint & watercolour
Experimental Screenprints
Frigiliana doors
Interior Drawings.
Frames Surface Pattern
Layered Screenprints
Houses Surface Design
Houses Surface Design
Houses Surface Design
Houses Surface Design
Houses Surface Design
Hats and Hairs on the Tube Collage

Crowd Drawing/Collage

Editorial on Pattern and Colour in Fashion

So yes, hope you enjoyed looking at that load of rubbish! It hasn't all been bad, I mean I've absolutely loved learning to screenprint properly and all the exploring of London involved in the first project was amazing, I'm just annoyed at myself more than anything - I found it so hard to be enthusiastic over some of the topics and it was also difficult to make myself work when London's on the doorstep and I could just be outside... anyway, the deadline for these is the start of january, but I don't really want to work on it over Christmas, nothing is going to respark interest in these themes, so I'm treating next semester as a fresh start :) My disappointment in myself has really hit home now and I'm really eager to make up for it and get back into working in the way that I really love. :) 

Naomi x


  1. Woahh! I think this looks fantastic! I especially love your china town painting :)

    1. ahh thank you- it my favourite too. I've just followed your blog back, flipping heck you're talented D: i look forward to seeing more!!!

  2. Replies
    1. awww Jess you are way too kind to me all the time :')

  3. They're all pretty amazing to be honest Naomi! Don't worry about it if you feel you've had a poor start, first year doesn't count towards your degree grade (unless illustration is different to like every subject ever) so it's not a problem if you take a while finding your feet! xx

    1. yeah it doesnt count :) which is why i'm not fussed about improving these ones anyway! i've just spent the whole term desperate to go home as much as possible and now i'm sort of over that I'm more focused ready for next term! thank youuu though :) x

  4. these look great! and i totally understand what you mean about being uninspired and such. I've felt like that for the majorty of this time too and I still have another few days left! Some of my briefs have been really horrible like an infographic on Aberdeen (snooze!). But I have had a few good ones like my calendar which im now selling! :D I hope they get better for you in the new year and lovely blog- deffo following now!

    1. Ahh I'm so glad someone understands what I mean :') Where are you studying? Thank you for following me! Followed you back (your blog looks amazing!) and liked your facebook page toooooo xD

    2. I'm studying at college in Aberdeen at the moment! But in the midst of applying for uni but I think that will just be Aberdeen too... don't wanna move! haha
      And thank you so much! :D