Christmas Time in Camden Town

We seem to be making near-weeky trips to Camden at the moment, my friends love it (well they love the food market!). I think it's fair to say that I'm much more of an East-London person, but I still absolutely adore going to Camden- the atmosphere is so different to anywhere else I've ever been and the vibrant alternative vibe just radiates through the whole town. Compared to the rest of London the hints that it's Christmas time weren't the traditional or obviously 'in your face' but I've tried to capture some of the little clues dotted around and just the general aura of the place!



Okay, perhaps the last image is a bit 'in your face'! Oh Camden! I'm off out to go and (hopefully!) see Top of the Pops being filmed today, OH THE CHEESE. 

Have a good Saturday!

Naomi x

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