Christmas Present Haul :)

Firstly I apologise for how uncoherently written this is going to be, exhausted doesnt even begin to cover how I feel. But I thought I'd do a little show and tell of some of my Christmas presents as one last christmas post whilst still in the christmassy spirit! Every year I just feel so so spoilt and slightly guilty for receiving sooo many lovely things and no offence at my disbelief, but it still shocks me how well everybody knows me as like every present is always perfectly Naomish :')

 Slippers, fleecy top thing (i've got one of these already as i like refuse to wear dressing gowns, so they're an excellent replacement!-now one for uni and one for home!) and a lavendar eye mask!
 This was the only present I asked for this year, oh my days it's amazing :) Never had a DAB radio before, but it's like when we first got sky...the choice of channels is just overwhelming :') it's sooooo cute as well, the colour is perfect and i love the fact the plug/cord matches! Will be so good to have a proper radio as using my computer always sounds dreadful and buffers none stop!
Maaaassive Minnie Mouse teddy! When I was younger and in hospital my sister gave me her old minnie mouse teddy and convinced she 'looked after me' that time and everytime i've been ill since, I was heartbroken not to be able to take my original one to uni! 

 Controversial because usually I'm more of a Lush fan, but trust me the smell of anything from Bodyshop's Peach flavour (is it still a flavour if its not for eating? meh i'd eat it anyway) range wins over times a hundred thousand, literalllllly amazing, especially the body butter. <3
 Standard supply of chocolates <3 knowing me this will be all gone by new years...
 Clothesssss- dotty denim shirt, shorts with funky patterns on and socks in owl and fairisle! :)))
Light up mirror! Needed one of these soo bad for at home, the lighting is awful...with my old mirror I'd have to sit with a torch in one hand, eyeliner/mascara/tweezers in the other and the mirror balanced between my knees, this solves all those problems :') yaaay!

Over the next few days going to compile some 2013 memory/photo/achievement posts and also 2014 new years not-resolutions (i always make a list of hopes, not definate resolutions as things happen which stop you sticking to things, if you're only hoping you can't be disappointed/angry at yourself! ;))

Naomi xx

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