Christmas Jumper Wishlist

If you know me, you will know that patterns are like my favourite thing in the world. If you've been unfortunate enough to go shopping with me, you will know I literally go around 'aww'ing and 'wow'ing every single fairisle item of clothing. I don't know what it is, but something about the detailed and intricate Christmassy patterns just amaze me, they're so beautiful and each version is always slightly different. I love to drown myself in oversized knitted jumpers as it is, so my absolute dream would just to have a winter wardrobe PACKED full of them. 

Here are my favourite Christmas/Fairisle  finds from this season:

1. Next "Fairisle Pattern Sweater" - £30, also available in red.
2. Asos "Max C Christmas Jumper" - was £35, now £25
3. H&M "Knitted Jumper" - £24.99, also in red/green.
4. Urban Outfitters "BDG Fairisle Boyfriend Jumper" - £45
5. River Island "Black Penguin Fairisle Sweater" - was £45, now £25
6. Urban Outfitters "Vintage Renewal Fairisle Knit Christmas Jumper" £50, also in mens.
7. H&M "Knitted Jumper" - £14.99
8. Fat Face "Ellie Angora Stripe Jumper" - £48, also available in red.
9. Asos "Christmas Pattern Jumper" - £35

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