Christmas Decoration Inspiration: Birds!

Firstly, apologies that the formatting on this is probably all messed up- blogging from my dad's computer for the first time and I can't seem to control the text colour/pictures/alignment like normal!!!

Christmas is sooo soon now! I'm sure most people already have their decorations up, but we don't put our indoor ones up until really close to Christmas, so I've been wishfully searching the internet for my dream decoration combinations!!! One year I'd absolutley love to just cover the tree in various bird decorations and nothing else... here are some of my favourite finds that you can get at the moment!

10 Multicolour Glitter Birds - Paperchase, £8
Handmade Bird Tree Decoration - Etsy (Kate Slater) £22.50
 If you think its getting to bird overload, maybe break up the birds by adding in birdhouses!?
1. Gingham Bird House Decoration - Etsy (The Contemporary Home) £4
2. Forest Friends Birdhouse - Wilkinson £1
3. Gingham Birdhouse Decoration - Amazon (National Gallery Company) £3
Robins are always very Christmassy, there's lots of felt ones available in shops at the moment.
1.Little Robin Red Breast- Etsy (Hey MieMie) £6.29
 I'm always big on anything with ditsy/little floral prints, so I adore these!
Both are from Sass and Belle and cost £3.25 each
 How cuuuuute are these ones in hats & scarves!??? :')
Left- Tartan Fabric Bird - Amazon (Gisela Graham) £4.25
Right- Wooly Hat Bird Decorations - Sass&Belle £2.95 for 2
Always obsessed with Owls!
1.Tweed Owl - Sainsburys £1.50
2. Felt Owls On a Branch - Accessorize £4
 Realistic Birds would look amazing on a real Christmas tree! And maybe some fake snow!
All of these from Sass&Belle - £2.25 each
All white would look very sophisticated and stand out well against the green of the tree (or any other colour tree!) 
1. Origami Bird Hanging Decoration - Paperchase £4
2. Peace Dove Decoration - Accessorize £4
3. Bird Decoration Vintage - Sass and Belle £1.25

You could also swap the Christmas tree for some festive 'twigs' (looks nicer than it sounds) & cover them in fairy lights and then just let the birds take pride of place! You could tie some matching ribbons too, for example if you had the floral birds- add some floral ribbons too! Ohh so many possibilities!

I'm hoping to be able to write lots of Christmassy inspiration posts over the next few days, I'd love to have them to look back on next year! Also I'm hoping to make myself a new blog header whilst I'm at home!
I've also printed off lots of competition briefs to try and re-inspire my creative side without the stress of uni deadlines and weekly tutor comments!!!
 Firstly got to write a lot of essays/reflective summaries and finish my practical projects... sighhhhh. 

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