Central London Christmas Lights!

Just a quick style post today because I have an absolute tonne of essay preparation, collaging and lino cutting to get on with! Here are some photographs of the central London Christmas lights from this year :) Carnaby Street's robins are my absolute favourite Christmas decorations I have ever seen, I've been begging my mum to decorate the Christmas tree using just bird decorations this year! 

1. Carnaby Street
2. Covent Garden
3. I'm not sure where that was...
4. Oxford Street
5. Piccadilly Circus
6. Regent Street
7. I can't remember that one either...

I'm feeling super duper Christmassy this year, I think it's the prospect of "going home for Christmas", but I'm properly feeling the festivity and am dancing around singing Christmas songs 99% of the time. Got a fair bit more Christmas shopping to do though, but I havent been thinking and have bought mostly massive things, forgetting I've got to get the tube & then train home with a suitcase, portfolio, sketchbooks, laptop, cameras and now several giant bags of presents... should be comical for the people watching me anyway! ;)

Naomi x

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