Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

I've got many more photos from recent London explorations to share, but I thought I'd mix things up a bit and do something else! I've been busy wrapping Christmas gifts the last few days so I thought I'd share some of the most original/creative ideas I came across on the internet for gift wrapping! (None of these photos are of my own presents!) There seems to be a very definate wrapping colour scheme of kraft brown, red and white this year, which looks very organic and handmade.

1. My mum would love this, she adores the idea of making characters/pictures out of fingerprints! The fantastic thing about fingerpainting is ANYONE can do it and it makes it feel really personal. I particularly like how the fairylight colours sit against the brown paper!

2. If you feel a bit more of an artist this idea is adorable! Wrap the present in brown paper first and then draw the bow on! Not only is this beautiful, but it's cheaper than ribbon and transports more easily! I love black line drawings, but if you want to add colour that would work too! Also worth a try, white gel pens, they usually look amazing on kraft paper!

3. I haven't joined the washi tape trend yet, mostly due to my strict student budget! But they're available in every imaginable pattern and colour, I'm an utter pattern addict and a mixture of 'candy cane' coloured tapes (different designs) would look stunning on brown paper! 

4. Another creative idea is to give the presents a personality! Theres so many characters associated with Christmas... snowmen, reindeers, penguins, father christmas, robins... get arty and give a different one to every member of the family!

5. If you're handmaking cookies or cakes, theres lots of templates that you can dowload from the internet to make your own boxes or alternatively you could create your own...there's lots of possibilities for decorating it like santas grotto, an igloo or maybe a gingerbread house! 

Labelling: As an alternative to gift tags (which always fall off under the tree anyway!) you could pritt stick photographs of you with the recipient to the present! A simple word-free way of knowing who its to and from! Black and white photos always look more nostalgic, but depending on who its for there's thousands of options for photo editing/filters to make the image's atmosphere just right!
Labelling: I love typography almost as much as I love patterns so I think I might try this! It's obvious who the present is for- just cut out a large letter of their first initial and writing your message on the back!

My personal favourite: This was by faaaar my favourite idea and if i was wrapping my presents at home I would have definately gone for this, unfortunately I lack old stamps at uni! There's something just so christmassy about receiving brown paper packages tied up with string (these are a few of my favourite things!) The red and white string used here brings it back to the colour scheme as well!

If like me you're anti-gift-bag or if you just want your present to stand out, use a stocking instead of a bag to keep all the small gifts together!! The fairisle one on the left is avaiable from Wilkos cheaply, either that or the handmade-look hessian one would look amazing filled with presents wrapped in brown, red and white!

 If you're not very good at gift wrapping or find it too frustrating, a GENIUS idea (thank you Smithy!) is to wrap everything in tin foil. You don't even need sellotape! And as a bonus, the sparkly silver is quite Christmassy as it is!

Naomi x

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