All the Little Lights

After a very Christmassy day out yesterday at Winter Wonderland followed by some Christmas shopping, we went on a veryyy long walk, which was wonderful considering we'd practically been locked in the library for about a week beforehand. I absoloutley adore walking around London after dark, it's exhilirating and the atmosphere is just so different to the daytime. Yesterday's walk was made extra special by the addition of London's magical Christmas lights (which I will post about another day!). 

We started out at Regent Street, down to Picadilly Circus, Leicester Square and Chinatown and then took the tube to embankment, where we crossed the river and walked along Southbank's Christmas market and literally just kept on walking beside the Thames until we got to Southwark and crossed over London Bridge and kept walking until we found ourselves in Aldgate! Getting lost on purpose is something I love doing, whenever I'm in a city, in particular ones that I think I know well, I let myself wander and explore to stumble upon new places :) 

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