2013 in Pictures

I don't really have any pictures of the first half of the year as January-March was dictated by portfolio stuff/uni interviews and April-June I was ridiculously ill and spent like 3 months being boomeranged in and out of hospital...so this sort of starts in late May when my work was selected to be put on billboards across the South of England- London (Tottenham Court Road, North Circular, Bristol, Sailsbury and Devon).
The competition ("Who Are You 2?") was run by the Arts University Bournemouth (who ironically rejected me in the same week haa!) and they shortlisted 40 entries and then it was down to a public vote on facebook. I honestly can't thank my friends/family who voted/shared it hundreds of times over a super crazy weekend, winning really boosted my confidence in my artwork and I'm less afraid to show it to people/talk about it now, and also it was obviously the most exciting thing in the world to see my drawing supersized in LONDON! If you're 14-19 years old and studying an art subject, they've just opened the competition again this year, so check it out! I really recommend entering!

May was also my third and last Impington May Ball, which are the best things ever! It was lovely to see all the people from the year below again and have a chat to my old teachers! Also amongst the hospital/doctors/final major project stress happening at the time, it was lovely to be freeeeee :')

The end of June/start of July I had my final major project exhibition and left my art foundation college. Somehow despite missing six weeks of college during that time I managed to get a distinction AND win £200 getting second place in the Elizabeth Wright award, which was the nicest surprise in the world considering it was judged by independent people and me/my tutors literally knew nothing until it was announced on the exhibition evening!

In July, Silvia and I went to Disneyland to visit Toby. Literally never had so much fun, Toby treated us to the Buffalo Bill Show and the Imaginations show at night time was THE most captivating and amazing thing I have ever seen. It was fantastic to see Silvia, Toby and Caroline again, as I miss them all always! Thank you so much to Toby for letting us comeeee :) HAVE to do this again! Minus getting questionned at passport control when I got back into England, because it's "suspicious" to travel home from disneyland alone aparently...

Spent most of my summer in Cambridge, which, if you haven't been is the best place to be in the summer. The atmosphere and scenery is just perfect, and soo many greenspaces to just relax and lap up the sun... something I am craving so badly right now. Cannot wait for the summer holidays :')

We also had a trip to my favourite place in the whole wide world in August, words and photographs can't describe how perfectly Naomish this village is. Had the loveliest week, sounds soppy, but honestly feel so blessed to be able to experience such nice places.

In August I also had to say 'Au Revoir' to Amy-Lee as she's gone on a gap year to South Africa :( Miss her craaazy amounts, but so happy to hear she's having fun!

September, I moved to London!!! Here's my uni studio space, my packing to move out and my new room! :)

Had an absolutely wonderful few months since of just exploring London. At the end of term I took a tube map and ticked off everywhere we'd been and practically all of zone 1/most of zone 2 were filled in! But I could explore everyday of the three years and not see everything- my aim for next term is to go to more discreet, less touristy places but also to make the most of all the free exhibitions/museums that there are, something essential that I really am missing out on as an art student!

Starting uni also meant lots of late nights in the library... I don't even want to calculate how many times I've been in this mac room past midnight.

But don't worry... we have had a bit of a social life too. Not enough of one, mind. Something that really needs improving next term. If anyone from flat 32 is reading this, be warned I plan to invade your kitchen a lot more frequently after Christmas :')

In October I lost the plot. Travelled up to Manchester to zipwire off the IWMN (100ft tall!) and over the ship canal with Rosie, Emily and a couple of their friends. However mental it sounds, it was soooo much fun and it was the best to finally meet Rosie! We raised nearly £2000 altogether for Meningitis Trust/UK who have now merged together as Menigitis Now, now. ;) If you want to help us make it to the £2000 mark, there's still 2 weeks left you can donate during: www.justgiving.com/naomikratz
Thank you to everybody who donated, every little penny counts and we/the charity really appreciate it. Also thank you to Rosie's family for having me to stay/feeding me when they hadn't even met me before :')

One of the best free opportunities in London is getting to go and see TV programmes being filmed. You can sign up via either the channel's own website or 'applausestore'- I saw the Christmas/New Years Top of the Pops and also Staying in with Greg and Russell. Not only is it super exciting(/slightly cringey) to spot yourself on TV, its also pretty cool to see how they make the programmes/what is cut out!

I ALSO GOT TO MEET GREG JAMES! He is my favourite person in the world and before we went everyone was joking what I would do if I got to see him up close and it actually happened andddd I look like a complete idiot in this photo, but Greg liked it on instagram nonetheless! I was shaking sooo much with excitement the whole tube journey home...

Since moving to London, I have become obsessed with street art. Even art writing this soul-sucking essay on it, I am still in love with the whole concept, if anything even more so than before. I have 'Alternative London' tours to thank for my appreciation of it really... so if you haven't been I really recommend it, especially the night time ones. It's technically free/no fixed cost, you sort of just pay as much as you think its worth... I've been twice now and both times felt incredibly guilty that I could only afford a few pounds as it's worth sooo much more than that!

Overall it's been an incredible year, particularly May onwards... I'm looking forward to exploring London more and more and more in 2014, I must take more photos, especially on my lomography cameras! I'm also so (selfishly) excited to have Amy-Lee back next summer! These pictures also tell me that I must see more of Toby,Ana,Silvia & Josie in 2014 anddd also spend less time in the library and more nights out!

Naomi x

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