13 Most Played Songs of 2013

I normally hate sharing any of my music opinions, as it's something people get to feel very strongly about and I instantly feel judged. My number two hated question is 'what type of music do you like?' I can just about name the artists I vaguely like, but narrowing it down to 'type' of music is hard enough, but I have different music I put on for different activities (my coursework playlist for example is 90% 90's music...) and different music for different types of the day. And uuugh its just the most dreaded question after any question which tests my lack of knowledge on famous people.

Anyway, enough of my rant. This post is my most-played songs of the year. These weren't all released this year and also I haven't selected these by memory or choice, its literally just was has the most plays this year on my iplayer/spotify so some of them are pretty similar from being off the same album or playlist. Looking back over the year however, I can match the majority of these to certain days/times/events of the past twelve months- I've added in a few comments, but I'm really no music journalist!

1. All the Little Lights - Passenger

2. Feel It All - KT Tunstall
KT Tunstall has been my only favourite artist since I was 10 or 11 and not going to lie, I was genuinely SO disappointed when I heard her new album, however I persevered with it and it has really grown on me! It's very different to her other stuff and not what I expected but change is good and she works it well! 

3. Wake Me Up- Avicii
Bit mainstream! But soo upbeat and feel good, I had this on repeat for most of late summer/start of uni... a lot of my music is quite slow etc so it was nice to have a bit of a more lively playlist at the time of moving to uni as I needed to keep myself in a happy state for the first few weeks of homesickness!

4. Laughter Lines - Bastille

5. Keep Your Head Up - Ben Howard
I would describe this song as THE song of my 2012 but it lasted WELL into 2013 too!

6. What Makes A Man - City & Colour
I had three months of being boomeranged backwards and forwards to hospital with severe chest stuff and literally about 40 doctors appointments in april, may and june and this song is literally all I remember of it. The second day back at college after 6 weeks off with all that (i NEVER take days off, it killed me to have to!) this came on on shuffle and I just burst into tears at the stress it reminded me of. 

7.Home - Gabrielle Aplin
Each of the times I've come home from uni, I've literally had this one repeat the whole way home on the train :')

8. Weight Of Living Part I - Bastille

9. Somewhere Only We Know - Lily Allen

10. Lost - KT Tunstall
My favourite song of all time ever, I'm shocked its only tenth on this list as I literally dont think a day goes by when I don't listen to it at least three times... 

11. Let Her Go - Passenger

12. Light the Night - Ilan Eshkeri & Andy Burrows

13. Please Don't Say You Love Me - Gabrielle Aplin

Now that I have a proper DAB radio, I'm actually looking forward to broadening my music taste :') Its always something I feel very undereducated in for something that I enjoy so much! Please don't judge me too much on this list, also if you have any recommendations of stuff you think I might like, they'd be very welcome! :)

Naomi xx

PS. immense feeling of guilt that Lucy Rose hasn't made it onto this list, she deserves such a big shoutout.

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